23.10.2021, 20:00

"An unadulterated big beat that the bottom ten million people go to," this is how Brutus described the oldest member of the group, Sáša Plesek!
The group was founded in 1966 under the name Mandragora in Rakovník. At the time of normalization, it was forced to suspend its activities several times and always resumed it under a new name (1973 - Elektronik, 1980 - Brutus, 1982 - Cyclops). After the Velvet Revolution, he performed under the name Brutus and toured the whole of the Czech Republic with his four-hour, regularly six-hour, entertainment concerts in the 1980s, from the halls of large cities to falconry in remote villages. In 1995, the band starred in Sasha Gedeon's Indian Summer, participating in the sitcom Comeback, where a fragment of the band's song seems to me forms its jingle, and the band members themselves play in two of his works. The song Gorila is also heard in Jan Prušinovsky's film Okresní přebor. The band performs in Tomáš Svoboda's film Two Brides and One Wedding. Brutus has several well-known songs there and can be seen for a few minutes on a country dance floor. The group has collaborated or performed with, for example, the legendary UK Subs, TV Smith, Dr. Feelgood or Slovak Zone A or No Name. They work closely with the British The Vibrators.