22.8.2019, 19:00

Singer-songwriter, Ešli, was born in Houston, Texas to Slovak parents. She grew up traveling as a missionary child. Visiting churches and musically participating in services, the stage naturally
became her go-to zone. The drive to perform led her to study jazz vocals in Prague, Czechia, at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory. She became quite active with her band The High Corporation. They played supports shows for international artist Nneka, Selah Sue, Akua Naru or Oshun, as well as Prague’s rooted hip hop band Prago Union. Ešli has also had the opportunity to take part in the Red Bull Bass Camp - Prague in 2015. In 2017, her project Zorba že ja Buddha released an EP named Rosedout Lambada. Her style reflects the diverse influences she has gained through an adventurous upbringing. Some of her favorite artists include Thundercat, Luther van Dross, Billie Holiday, Antonin Dvorak or Animals as Leaders. The exposure of various cultures and lifestyles, as well as being bilingual and learning Czech, brought her attention to analyze and play with language and logic and challenge how do we as a society define right and wrong. Returning to Houston gave her a great deal of inspiration for her new solo set and song collection called SOUTH. This summer she is playing shows and
busking in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Germany.