Gioachino Rossini I Lazebník sevillský

28.8.2022, 19:00


Who doesn't know Figaro, barber, who will not only provide you with a beautiful hairstyle, but will also be happy to help in case of love troubles. Enjoy Rossini's brilliant melodies in a classic commedie dell’arte-style production directly from the Italian team.

The young Count Almaviva has fallen in love with the beautiful girl Rosina and wants to marry her. But older doctor Bartolo, who is Rosina's guardian, is also interested in her and especially her dowry. Fortunately, Almaviv's old acquaintance - the barber Figaro - appears on the scene. He is always ready with some small intrigue or disguise, and after a series of crazy situations, he finally gets the hand of his beloved for Almaviva. Who would have expected one of the most famous and popular operas in the world to enter the stage during a major scandal. Whistling audience, black cat on stage, out of tune guitar. What could have gone wrong went wrong, but nothing could take away the beauty of Rossini's sparkling melodies and the joke of a hilarious libretto. And so, even today, virtuoso singing performances and melodies await the audience in the theater, which you will hum on the way home.